Model Aviators Association

The Model Aviators Association (MAA) was launched by our President at the Plumpton Model Show in August 1997. The MAA was formed by aDavid Boddington President group of modellers with the interests of aero-modellers in mind and the promotion of model flying in the wake of the Model Pilots Association (MPA). This time it was to be an independent association, with a committee and group members dedicated to helping others to learn to fly.

The aims and objectives of the MAA are to promote, encourage and develop all aspects of model aviation. So who better to have had as a life president than the late and greatly missed David Boddington who has probably done more for aero-modelling in the country than any other individual? He has been an editor of numerous modelling magazines and has written many books on various aero-modelling subjects. He has also introduced many newcomers to the hobby of model aviation and has been involved with films and television drama series.

db_IMG_0694s2The MAA have a working relationship with Andrewshayes Holiday Park, which able us to offer two annual holidays, two week in May and two weeks in September at Andrewshayes Holiday Park, East Devon, England. The holidays have something to offer all the family and so leave you free to come and go as you please. The difference is that during the day there are organised attractions for the modellers that only the MAA can offer in this form. For those of you who just want to fly your models there are numerous established flying locations to offer. There is also on-site evening entertainment in the club just for enjoyment or to discuss ideas and pick other peoples brains.

db_IMG_3786s2The power-flying site for both holidays are situated within a few miles of the camps and they are flat, well maintained and established flying sites. There is a choice of several soaring sites available locally, which covers the majority of wind directions. Only the power flying site will have its own Flying Instructors from 2017. Indoor flight is carried out in the hall and, although this can be a fairly restricted area, indoor helicopters and a couple of fun fly designs have flown quite capably and safely.

In September 2006 the members voted to change the MAA into a holiday club for model flyers this means that really the only difference is that we no longer offer insurance as part of your membership cost, this in turn helps keep the cost of the membership down to a minimum but every thing else still stays the same as above. So all you have to do is contact us on the details below, book, turn up for the holiday and have fun.