January 2016



Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter and a very Happy New Year to all members and their families. Hope you all had a good Christmas and have lots of new toys to play with


Booking forms and info sheets for both holidays in 2016 are now available. In all cases non refundable deposits of £75 per unit for Flamborough and £100 per unit for Devon are required to secure the bookings

Flamborough 7th-14th May 2016
The site has now been taken over by Haven, this is now presenting major problems due to their administration and the developments going on around the park. At the time of writing it is still uncertain what facilities for evening activities we will have. The 3 bars no longer exist and whilst we were previously offered the use of the Caravel on the North Landing, I still cannot get confirmation of this. However what we do know is that there is NO power site onsite or anywhere else for that matter. We have tried extensively to secure another power site without success. The most favourable option we had has now had to be shelved as the site is required for other activities during the week that we are operating, the club which normally flies on it also cannot use it. The only other option was a previously used site which wants £300 for the week and flying is into the sun. As less than 10% of the participants are exclusively power fliers we have reluctantly taken the decision to make this years holiday GLIDER ONLY (small electrics can be flown at some of the gliding sites with care) Please note that all the allocation of 3 bedroom caravans has been taken so unless you reserved one with me whilst on the week this year you will not get one.
Bookings will close on 1st March 2016 and deposits are to be paid by 1st Feb 2016

Invoices for Flamborough have now been posted out and cleared payment by 1st April 2016 at the latest please.
Preferred payment methods are direct to bank, by cash or by debit/credit card. Please try to avoid payments by cheque wherever possible
For 2017 we are already in negotiations with another privately owned caravan park in the vicinity (between Filey and Scarborough) where we will be able to fly onsite and have an evening venue. Further details will be issued soon
Devon 24th September-1st Oct

The dates for Devon have been confirmed as Sat 24th Sept to Sat 1st Oct. There is also an option of Sat 17thSept to Sat 24th Sept. This is because we will no longer be at Ladram Bay we have moved to a smaller family run site further along the coast approx. 3 miles from Axminster. It is still within travelling distance of Farways for power fliers and also the gliding sites. As the site is smaller than Ladram, with less hire units available, we are using 2 weeks to be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend. 2 week bookings are available, we have the facility to take 4 more 2 week bookings. The first week will be the week at which the power instructors will be in attendance although we do have the use of Farways for the fortnight. Gliding instructors will be in attendance both weeks. At present we have a very few vacancies left, 5 for the first week and 7 for the second week. The new camp offers onsite flying, private use of a bar and conservatory, swimming pool use all week for boats, it is sited 100 yards from main bus routes linking with train routes and has good access from the main Honiton/Axminster road and the costs are less than Ladram.

Bookings for Devon will close on 1st March 2016
Invoices will be sent out by 1st April 2016 and are payable by 1st July 2016.

By way of explanation we are moving from Ladram Bay with regret due to a number of reasons.
Over the past few years we have experienced increased difficulty in dealing with the camp since Mr Carter passed away and the new board of directors took over. We were of the distinct impression that we were not as welcome as we once were and this culminated this year in the camps attitude towards us following an alleged incident that took place on the first day and this was then compounded by restrictions placed on us flying and restrictions placed on our future bookings (i.e. we could not book extra days etc) and finally rounded off with a massive hike in prices for 2016 so the committee took the decision to seek an alternative venue which we have done.
The new venue seem very receptive to us and have been very helpful thus far, it is an inland site and has many facilities for walking, nature trails, sightseeing etc nearby

Membership rates will remain the same at £15 across the board. Subs are due as soon after 1st April 2016 as possible. Flamborough attendees have had the subs added to their invoices to reduce the admin.
Any member not paid their subs by the date of the Flamborough holiday will be regarded as having left the MAA.


Due to the uncertainty of venues at Thornwick the AGM will now be held during the Devon holiday on the evening of Sunday 25th September.
Further information will be issued nearer the time
If you have received this as a paper version and you have an e mail address please e mail me with it so I can add to the list and save on postage costs
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