September 2013



Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter
Flamborough May 2014
Dates for this year are 10th -17th May 2014
We have again been able to negotiate substantially reduced prices for caravans, chalets and touring pitches with only a £10 increase on this years price.

Bookings are going very well and we have already sold out of some types of units. It has been very pleasant to see that some of the participants with their own tourers who previously stayed elsewhere have booked with us this year. We have received some very good publicity from the modeling press in the past couple of months and have taken several bookings from newcomers which is very pleasing
It is hoped that the power flying will once again take place on a full size airfield subject to confirmation from the owners. Also again this year each flyer will be allocated a frequency for onsite flying. For safety please ensure you adhere to your allotted frequency and do not switch on any txs onsite on other frequencies as you may well shoot someone down. If you need to test gear in your caravan or chalet please change your crystals if on a different frequency to your allotted one.
Booking forms and info sheets are now available, and all of the 3 bed vans are now fully booked. There is still availiabilty for 2 bed vans and chalets .We do have a small allocation of the new super vans which are mainly 2 bed vans with full central heating and double glazing. It is quite likely that some of the current 2 bed vans on F field will be replaced over the winter with brand new ones for 2014.
Again we will have the use of Smugglers for indoor flying with the room being available from 7pm every evening until late and also during the afternoon in adverse weather.
Once again Flying Wings have kindly agreed to sponsor a slope combat competition which will be held on either the Sunday or Monday dependant on weather conditions
The auction will be held on Monday evening with John Bicknell again selling anything that moves or breathes

Tony has updated the website with the info for all the 2014 holidays

The new holiday at Flamborough will take place from Saturday 6th to Saturday 13th September 2014.
There are places left so if interested please book ASAP. All facilities and arrangements and prices are the same as for the May holiday
Invoices will be sent out by 1st May 2014 and are payable by 1st August 2014
We will have all the same facilities as for the May holidays including helicopters this year
Again info sheets and booking forms are now available or send me an e mail

DEVON 2014
The dates for Ladram have been confirmed as Fri 19th-Fri 26th Sept 2014 with the option of front rowers being able to extend to the Saturday and Sunday. If you wish to extend I must know ASAP as there are other events going on at the camp which will overlap with ours and it may not be possible to do any last minute additions. If in doubt, book the extra days and they can be removed later rather than trying to do it the other way round. Again due to the other events, I must now insist on deposits of £75 from everybody to ensure that we get the units we want
Again several of us will also be going down the week before for some additional days flying. If you wish to go for 2 weeks please let me know as we have negotiated some favorable rates for that week too. Invoices will be sent out by 1st May and are payable by 1st August.
Bookings are already going well and the front row is now fully booked as well as most of the second row. We have around a dozen caravans still available.

DEVON 2013

We are now fully booked for this years event and it is pleasing to see that we have some new-comers. We are also trialing an alternative power site this year. Tony King, BC and Tony van Geffen were playing on Google Earth in an idle moment and came across a potential venue not far from Sidmouth. It is a full size airfield with toilet facilities, use of hangar, mown grass strip and is owned by a charming gentleman who is aircraft nuts. A couple of phone calls later and a visit to the site by TVG, and we secured the owners agreement. I am hoping to get to see him the first week I am Devon and may be able to persuade him to give a talk next year.


Once again we had an exceptional turnout for the week. Flying took place every day at all locations including indoor. We met the new bars manager at Thornwick, Mark Witherington and he was most helpful and accommodating, donating prizes for the raffle and items for the auction as well as joining in with our activities. He ended the week with a couple of helis from the auction much to the amusement of his wife, Tracey. He promised to have them flying by the September week! The usual auction was held, hosted as ever by our auctioneer John Bicknell and it was nice to see models and equipment changing hands.
Once again Flying Wings kindly sponsored a Slope Combat competition and the results were

1st Thomas Edgecombe
2nd Michael Toyer
3rd Luke Cooke.
Wooden Spoon Alan Brett
We ran the Thornwick Challenge again and this year the entrants had to build a bridge from a single sheet of balsa capable of withstanding increasing loads.
Results were
1st John Bowmar 11kg
2nd Clive Roulston 8.4kg
3rd Dave Toyer 7.6kg

The annual display was held on Thursday morning, preceded by a pylon race demo by Paul Bardoe the UK Pylon Race Champion who gave a talk the previous evening. He was assisted in the display by Team Toyer.

The competition for the display trophy was run, originally scheduled for 3 events but we had to reduce to 2 due to increasing cross winds across the strip meaning the limbo could not be attempted
Results were
1st Brian Cooper
2nd Clive Roulston
3rd Paul Bardoe

On the final night we held a quiz and buffet which was well received and presentation of trophies. The quiz was won by Team Tindale.

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